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I have ended my wood working, sold most of my tools in the Fall of 2010.


Building of wall framed paneling.   My first big woodworking project.

Small Cherry Table:

Built a small table from a picture I found on the web.

Small Cherry Table, Details:

Details about the build of the table.

Cabinet Refinishing:

The refinish project of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets in our house.


The installation of Rosewood Hardwood Floor.


Rosewood mirror frame.


Blog Home Page:

Entry point.


Forwarded E-mail:

The best of the e-mail humor that has been sent to me.  

The Microsoft Experience:

Has not been updated since 2002, but since Microsoft is still stuck back in the last century it still carries good humor about them.



How to set up an automatic script for backing up the computer files.   You can define which directories and different frequencies.   Easy script to use.

Home Network:

Notes on setting up a home or small network.

C. Ray Perkins


In 1997 I started to work on the family tree.   This has grown into a very large project.   Some of the history of this project can be found in the Introduction page of my family tree.

The families of our great great grand parents are Barbknecht, Driskell, Helwig, Hessert, Miller, Perkins, Wentzel and Wegner.

I have put the whole family tree online, excluding living people.   There is a family tree home page, listing by surnames, listing of places and much more.

For those interested in the technical side, I have made some notes about the software that I use on my Genealogy page.


Will be a collection of things that I get emotional about.

Illegal Alien Activities

I did a short search in a Search Engine to find out the extent of criminal activities.

Nashville Tea Party-1

Pictures taken at the April 15, 2009 Tea Party in Nashville, The Great State of Tennessee.

Nashville Tea Party-2


In development.