Jerry Perkins'

Computer Notes


Scripts for making backups.   Most are setup to run on a schedule.

Backup to DVD:

Creates tar ball archive files of those files configured to backup.   The size of the tar ball archive files are limited in size.   This makes sure that a tar ball file is not to large to fit on one DVD.

Full to External Hard Drive

In development.

Full to Local Mounted Second Hard Drive

In development.



Directory Size

In development.

File Sharing


In development.

Temporary Directory

In development.

Home Network: (Samba)

A HOWTO in setting up a file sharing on a home network.   This uses Samba as the server.   These instructions are old and I do need to update them.


In development.

Port Scan


In development.


In development.


General Information:

My scripts are packaged in one tar ball file that needs to be downloaded and unpacked.   After unpacking there is one directory which is named for the script name and version, i.e. Backup_Full_DVD_02.02.03.   This directory contains all the needed files.   The important one being the README file.   This contains all the installation and configuration information.

All files install in the /opt directory.   This way all files associated with the script are out side of your package manager, hence will not mess with what ever distrabution you are running and will not interfer with updates and upgrades.

Generic Instructions:

These are generic instructions.

Down load tar ball file onto your Desktop.

Unpack tar ball file.

Read the README file.

Run to install script and other needed files.


Transfer Remote

In development.