Jerry Perkins'

Backup to DVD

What This Script Does:

Creates tar ball archive files of those files configured to backup.   The size of the tar ball archive files are limited in size.   This makes sure that a tar ball file is not to large to fit on one DVD.

The script does create a directory for each DVD to be burned.   But the archive files do need to be moved into these directories.   They also need to be burned to the DVD manually.

Future plans to have the script move the archive files into the directories.  

Operation System Requirements:

Should work on any Linux system.   Script is known to work of Debian Lenny & Squeeze.


These instructions are the same as found in the README file included in the download.   Both current and past revisions are stored at

Download:   Click here to the down load latest version, 2.02.03 .   Save this to your desktop or conveniant place.

Unpack:   Right click on Backup_Full_DVD_02.02.03.tar.gz, then extract.

OR by terminal:

$ cd ~/Desktop

$ ls (To check that files are there)

$ tar -xzf Backup_Full_DVD_02.02.03.tar.gz

Run installation script:  Run the installation script.   If a previous version has been installed, this will over write the old files.   The old configuration file will be renamed by adding on "-old" to the file name.

$ cd ~/Desktop/Backup_Full_DVD_02.02.03

$ ls (To check that files are there)

$ sudo ./

Configure:  With text editor, as root, configure the variables for your system.   This is located in/opt/etc/Backup_Full_DVD/Backup_Full_DVD.conf.

OR by terminal:

$ nano /opt/etc/Backup_Full_DVD/Backup_Full_DVD.conf

Test Run:  Suggest changing the variable "PATHLIST" in the configuration file to:


This should create a very fast backup.   To run:

$ sudo /opt/bin/

Remember to change variable "PATHLIST" back to what you want it to be.

Delete tar ball:  If wanted, delete both Backup_Full_DVD_02.02.03.tar.gz and directory Backup_Full_DVD_02.02.03.



Run script:

$ sudo /opt/bin/

Move backup tar balls from the Temporary directory into each DVD-xx directory.   Make sure that the total size of the files in each directory is less than the size of one of your DVDs.

Burn a DVD for each of the DVD-xx directory.

No need to cleanup, since these will be cleaned each time the script runs.

Revision Notes:


Instruction error in READ ME. Wrong path.

2.02.01 and .02

Install script error.


Moved script from /opt/usr/bin to /opt/bin


New installation method.

NLocation of all files moved to /opt


Improved print out to user.

DVD-xx directory, start numbering at 01


Error in creating empty.txt file


Print out when files are deleted from directory.

Added empty.txt file so error would not show up as no files found

Added comments at end for user.


Added remove old files from DVD-xx.

Added revisions section