Tuesday, January 14 2014

My Experiances with HTML5, Part 1, Introduction

In December 2012 I started work on a web application for a friend. I had done very little HTML in the last 5 years, so I needed to catch up. Plus I had never connected HTML to a database.

First was the question of which HTML standard to use. I had been using XHTML, so the question was, is HTML5 ready for production?

Then I checked out the best database to use. I was familiar with MySQL, but maybe PostgreSQL was the way to go.

What programing language to use? I did know a little PHP (OK, very little). I had played with Java script and did not like it. Found it hard to understand, steep learning curve.

Now a year later I have found out how nice HTML5 is to work with.

In January 2014 I was scheduled to give a presentation the the Nashville Linux Users Group , so this is my presentation / blog. I have divided this blog into 6 parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. HTML5
  3. Cascading Style Sheets version3 (CSS3)
  4. PHP5
  5. MySQL Database
  6. Managing

Monday, January 13 2014

My Experiences with HTML5, Part 2, HTML5

What version of HTML to use? I had done little code in the last 5+ years. Naturally the first step is to know which version of HTML to use. Probably the most common version today is 4.01 transitional and HTML 5 had a few years to go or this is what I thought. HTML5 had talked about for a long time,  […]

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Sunday, January 12 2014

My Experiances with HTML5, Part 3, Cascading Style Sheets 3

Version 3 of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) was out. But I quickly found out that versions are not versions, but levels, with each level adding more structure. But as I learned more about the intricacies of CSS, I found out that organization became a lot easier. It is well worth your time to keep  […]

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Saturday, January 11 2014

My Experiances with HTML5, Part 4, PHP

Web Page Scripting: Even if you have very basic static pages, once in a while you will have the need to include a script. Client Side Scripting: I really wanted to stay away from Java Script and any client side scripting. The reason: 1) I found Java Script very difficult to understand and follow,  […]

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Thursday, January 9 2014

My Experiences with HTML5, Part 5, MySQL

Picking MySQL was a no brainer. Although I did look at PostgreSQL. It is my understanding that PostgreSQL is a better transaction database and is much more scalable, but this information may be old. My need for transactions and scale was not needed, so no need to learn a new system. MySQL's home  […]

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Sunday, December 8 2013

My Experiences with HTML5, Part 6, Management

Master Location: I keep all of my work original HTML files on my home computer. Hence no need to worry about doing backups or any Internet connections. I do all updates to the web site host using FTP. MySQL Backup: Missing is backing up the database which runs on my web site. So once a week I use  […]

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Monday, July 30 2012

Notes Notes Notes, What Did I Do With That Note?

So you make some notes on something you did. Two years latter you need the note, where is is? You have some notes and keep updating them. Soon you can not even figure out what you were trying to make a note of. SOLUTION: A wiki. I have been using my own wiki for years. Not only that, I manage the  […]

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Saturday, July 28 2012

Smelly Garbage Disposal

For as long as I can remember, every few months the garbage disposal would start to stink. I tried everything. You know, like grinding up egg shells, bleach, baking soda, etc. If it did wok, it would only be for a short time. A couple of years ago I did a long search on the web for ideas. There were  […]

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Tuesday, June 26 2012

Eradicate Violets in Lawn

After 20 years of trying to get rid of the Blue flowered wild Violets (Viola papilionacea?) in my lawn here in Middle Tennessee, I have finally found a way. Two years ago while doing another web search I stumbled on to some comments that seemed to have so validity. The chemical to use is Triclopyr,  […]

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Thursday, May 10 2012

Test Entry

This is a test .    Trying out xhtml.    What is a capital S with a line through it?   Oh. kjsdfasl djkfasd http://jperkins.us/