July 2012 (2)

Monday, July 30 2012

Notes Notes Notes, What Did I Do With That Note?

So you make some notes on something you did. Two years latter you need the note, where is is? You have some notes and keep updating them. Soon you can not even figure out what you were trying to make a note of. SOLUTION: A wiki. I have been using my own wiki for years. Not only that, I manage the  […]

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Saturday, July 28 2012

Smelly Garbage Disposal

For as long as I can remember, every few months the garbage disposal would start to stink. I tried everything. You know, like grinding up egg shells, bleach, baking soda, etc. If it did wok, it would only be for a short time. A couple of years ago I did a long search on the web for ideas. There were  […]

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