Tuesday, January 14 2014

My Experiances with HTML5, Part 1, Introduction

In December 2012 I started work on a web application for a friend. I had done very little HTML in the last 5 years, so I needed to catch up. Plus I had never connected HTML to a database. First was the question of which HTML standard to use. I had been using XHTML, so the question was, is HTML5  […]

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Monday, January 13 2014

My Experiences with HTML5, Part 2, HTML5

What version of HTML to use? I had done little code in the last 5+ years. Naturally the first step is to know which version of HTML to use. Probably the most common version today is 4.01 transitional and HTML 5 had a few years to go or this is what I thought. HTML5 had talked about for a long time,  […]

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Sunday, January 12 2014

My Experiances with HTML5, Part 3, Cascading Style Sheets 3

Version 3 of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) was out. But I quickly found out that versions are not versions, but levels, with each level adding more structure. But as I learned more about the intricacies of CSS, I found out that organization became a lot easier. It is well worth your time to keep  […]

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Saturday, January 11 2014

My Experiances with HTML5, Part 4, PHP

Web Page Scripting: Even if you have very basic static pages, once in a while you will have the need to include a script. Client Side Scripting: I really wanted to stay away from Java Script and any client side scripting. The reason: 1) I found Java Script very difficult to understand and follow,  […]

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Thursday, January 9 2014

My Experiences with HTML5, Part 5, MySQL

Picking MySQL was a no brainer. Although I did look at PostgreSQL. It is my understanding that PostgreSQL is a better transaction database and is much more scalable, but this information may be old. My need for transactions and scale was not needed, so no need to learn a new system. MySQL's home  […]

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Sunday, December 8 2013

My Experiences with HTML5, Part 6, Management

Master Location: I keep all of my work original HTML files on my home computer. Hence no need to worry about doing backups or any Internet connections. I do all updates to the web site host using FTP. MySQL Backup: Missing is backing up the database which runs on my web site. So once a week I use  […]

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