So you make some notes on something you did. Two years latter you need the note, where is is?

You have some notes and keep updating them. Soon you can not even figure out what you were trying to make a note of.


A wiki. I have been using my own wiki for years. Not only that, I manage the server at our church and use a wiki there.

There are a number of wiki applications out there. The one that I use is Mediawiki. This is the same one that runs Wikipedia. All you have to do is install it. Very easy to learn and use.

To install on a Linux system, just use your package manager. Mine system is debian, so simply do:

  $ apt-get mediawiki

With an Apple OSX it takes a little more. You can see the wiki on installing at

On a Microsoft machine it takes quite a bit more. You can see the wiki on installing at

If you are going to use your own hosting service, check to see if they have it available. Mine did not, but they had two other wikis, DokuWiki and PmWiki.

I run my wiki on my own home computer. How to keep unwanted people out, simple, never have a link to your wiki on any other web page.


This is a sample of one of my pages on notes for Corel's AfterShot, a raw digital camera image processor.

Wiki AfterShot

This is what that page looks like in the edit mode:

Wiki AfterShot Edit