Web Page Scripting:

Even if you have very basic static pages, once in a while you will have the need to include a script.

Client Side Scripting:

I really wanted to stay away from Java Script and any client side scripting. The reason: 1) I found Java Script very difficult to understand and follow, seems to have a steep leaning curve. 2) Do not know what the client is running. 3) Some one following me up with the code years from now.

Server Side Scripting:

I asked around for suggestion on what the best Server Side Script. Got a lot of different answers like Ruby on Rails. Plus suggestions that PHP was old hat. So the first thing I tested was Ruby on Rails. Big learning curve, and quickly trash that. So I ended going back to PHP.

So now having gone with PHP, how did that work out for me? In a short time I was very good with PHP. One thing that you do have to watch for is errors. There is no error codes that come up. An error just produces a white sheet in the browser. There are two answers for that: 1) Always keep a browser up on the desktop for checking. 2) Look for the missing semi-colon at the end of a line.

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<?php echo "hello"; ?>