Picking MySQL was a no brainer. Although I did look at PostgreSQL. It is my understanding that PostgreSQL is a better transaction database and is much more scalable, but this information may be old. My need for transactions and scale was not needed, so no need to learn a new system. MySQL's home page is at https://www.mysql.com/.

I did find a very good comparison at Wikivs's MySQL vs PostgreSQL.

Which GUI to use?:

I have been using phpMyAdmin for years. It is not pretty to look at, but always gets the job done. I did look at some others, and even tried a few. But always ended up coming back to phpMyAdmin, if only due to habit. phpMyAdmin's home page is at http://www.phpmyadmin.net/home_page/index.php

If you want to check out other MySQL GUI tools, look here:

 Database Journal

Conclusion: I am NOT recommending phpMyAdmin. But I would recommend that you do spend some time to check out other GUIs.

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