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My Family Tree Project


This project started in 1997.   Now, May 2011, the project has grown to 1728 individuals, 659 families and 526 surnames.   A history of the project can be seen on the Introduction page of my Family Tree.

If you are interest in more information, please feel free to send me an email at

My Family Tree (Public)

This is produced by my Gramps software, but has all data of living individuals blocked out.   The public version of my family tree is open for public viewing.

Search:If you are looking for someone, a good place to start in on the Surnames page.   Another way would be to use the Google search of my web site that is just to the left.   Google search warning: If you run into a not found page in Google, change the .html to .php at the end of the URL.

Surnames: The (MN) behind the surnames denotes a married name.

Gallery: To get a larger view of the media, just click on the graphic.   Your browser may still resize it.   In Firefox put your curser over the graphic.   The pointer will turn into a magnifine glass, then click for full view.

Download: These are custom produced charts and documents from Gramps software.   Note that some may be out of date.

Photo Gallery

Access to this album is not public.   If you have received links to my photos via e-mail, this is the album.   If you what to see the photos, just send me an e-mail at and I will send you the location.   But I do have to know who you are.

Last year (2010) I started putting together old photos that I have found in my Coppermine photo gallery.   These are grouped by family.   From the home page go to the Genealogy - Families section.   Click on the family branch and there are the families.

Private Family Tree

This site is the same as the Public site above, but includes all data on living people.   Hence this information is sensitive and private.   The Private Family Tree is not stored at this Web Site, but on my own home secure computer, plus password protected.   But you can still view this on your browser, but you will need the location and password.

If you are interested, just sent me an email at .   This information is not open to the public, so either I have to know you or you are a long lost family member.

Special Project Work

Transilation work on a document of Jacob Hessert

Technical Notes

If you have questions about the software that I use and where I get my information from, this is the place.

When I started in 1997 I purchased Family Tree Maker (FTM) by Ancestry.com/.   FTM is the most commonly used software and it looks great.   I became a big FTM advocate, greatest thing since sliced bread.

Starting around 2000 I found that I was spending more and more money on FTM and their extras.   Also I started to run a Linux operating system.   In 2002 I looked aroud for other genealogy software and found Gramps.   As a test I imported all of my data into Gramps.   Gramps being very open and logical, I quickly found out that there were a lot of hidden traps in FTM.   I ended up spending a lot of time (2 years) cleaning up data.

Gramps will create a web ready pages for you, which is what I use.   Along with Grams I use Coppermine photo gallery, which also produces web pages, for my photos and personal photos.   This has worked out quite well.

As for research a good starting point is Ancestry.com/.   They are not cheap, but get the job done.   You have to be real careful using other family trees in Ancestry.com.   A mistake one person does will spread to others very equickly.   Personal experiance a number of times.

I have started to make trips out of town to libraries, etc.   This has really turned up some great stuff, but you have to be prepared befor you go.