Hessert, Anna

Birth Name Hessert, Anna [1a]
Gramps ID I0872
Gender female
Age at Death between 29 years, 8 months and 100 years, 6 months, 30 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E5529] 1870-06-00 USA, Ohio Birth of Hessert, Anna

Census [E5525] 1900-06-11 USA, Ohio, Cuyahoga Co., Rocky River Census Hessert, Jacob family 1900

Death [E5536] between 1900-02-00 and 1970   Death of Hessert, Anna



Father Hessert, Jacob [I0870]
Mother Schuetzeler, Louisa [I0871]
  1. Hessert, Mae Sophia [I0040]
  2. Hessert, Catherine [I0876]


Married Husband Bradley, Reuben [I0873]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5206]     Marriage of Bradley, Reuben and Hessert, Anna

  1. Bradley, Alice [I0874]



Narrative - Hessert, Jacob and Schuetzeler, Louisa family

Jacob Hessert born in Germany July 1841. Father and mother are both unknown. Jacob imigrated to the United States in 1851.

Louisa Schuetzeler born in Switzerland, March 1842. Father and mother are both unknown.

1860s: Jacob 27 & Louisa 26 were married August 1868, in Cuyahoga County.

1870s: They were living in Rockport Township of Cuyahoga County during the 1870 census. Jacob was working as a cooper, with value of real estate being $2,000. Living next door were Adam Hesser, also a cooper (who may be a brother) and Seours(?) (could be the father(?)). All three were spelled Hesser. First born was Anna, June 1870 in Ohio. 1880s: Second born was Mae Sophia. Aug. 27, 1880 in Ohio. Then came Catherine, March 1884, also Ohio.

1900s: In the June 1900 census the family was living in Rocky River Hamlet. Jacob was working as a farmer.

1910s: 1908 living in Rockport. Attended wedding with Pease and Mr. & Mrs. C. Ray Perkins. Research Notes: Is Catherine same as Kattie, see 1900 census, two entries below is Howard Pease.

Need wedding cirtificate of Jacob & Louisa

Elyria wedding has both Jacob and a Adam Hessert, brother? All of Rockport, 1908. Found Herbert Hessert, b 1871, Adam Hessert b 1836, all of Rockport.

Adam, b 1836 M Catherin, b Carrie, b 1884

Herbert b 1871 M carrie m 1897

Louis b 1810 M Barbary b 1810 Elizabeth 1852

Jacob b 1842 M Luisa b 1846


Attribute/ Type Value Notes Sources
Relationship 03 - FFM X - D


Source References

  1. Letter to Jerry Perkins, March 18, 1999 [S0190]
    1. Source text:

      Anna Hessert Bradley

  2. Census; USA, Ohio, Cuyahoga Co., Rocky River Hamlet 1900, 232 [S0024]


  1. Hessert, Jacob
    1. Schuetzeler, Louisa
      1. Hessert, Anna
        1. Bradley, Reuben
          1. Bradley, Alice
      2. Hessert, Mae Sophia
      3. Hessert, Catherine