Doran, Marion Louise

Birth Name Doran, Marion Louise [1a]
Married Name Driskell, Marion Louise
Gramps ID I0017
Gender female
Age at Death 91 years, 7 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0080] 1918-07-17   Birth of Doran, Marion Louise

[2] [1b]
Census [E3260] 1930-04-02 USA, Michigan, Wayne Co., Detroit Census Doran, William family 1930

Death [E3254] 2009-07-24 USA, Michigan, Lapeer Co. Death of Doran, Marion Louise

Burial [E3259] 2009-07-27 USA, Michigan, Lapeer Co., Lapeer, Mount Loretto Cemetery Burial of Doran, Marion Louise



Father Doran, William [I1899]
Mother Doran, Carrie [I1901]


Married Husband Driskell, Willard Owen [I0016]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E4844] between 1940-08-24 and 1940-08-29 USA, Michigan, Wayne Co., Detroit Marriage of Driskell, Willard Owen and Doran, Marion Louise

[2] [3]



Last Review: 2001-3Q


Generation: MMX - d: 02: DL-1

Source References

  1. Family Group; Wentzel, Rudolph #5 [S0179]
    1. Source text:

      Marion Louise Doran.

    2. Source text:

      July 17, 1918.

  2. Book; Birthday; The Scripture Birthday Book; Driskell (Helwig), Vera K. [S0174]
  3. Newspaper; Obituary, Doran, Marion Louise, Lapeer Publications [S0362]
    1. Date: 2009


  1. Doran, William
    1. Doran, Carrie
      1. Doran, Marion Louise
        1. Driskell, Willard Owen