Feake, Robert

Birth Name Feake, Robert [1]
Gramps ID I1034
Gender male
Age at Death between -47 years, 1 day and 110 years, 11 months, 30 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E3357] estimated between 1624 and 1651 New York, Queens, Flushing (Obsolete) Birth of Feake, Robert

Event Note

Last Review: 2010-3Q

Death [E3358] estimated between 1625 and 1714   Death of Feake, Robert



Father Feake, Robert Fownes [I0166]
Mother Fones, Elizabeth [I0167]
  1. Feake, John [I1038]
  2. Feake, Elizabeth [I0093]
  3. Feake, Sarah [I1035]
  4. Feake, Tobias [I1036]
  5. Feake, Hannah [I1037]


Attribute/ Type Value Notes Sources
Social Security Number None

Relationship 10 - FFF MFF FFF MF - S


Source References

  1. World Family Tree Volumn 16, #0538 [S0195]


  1. Feake, Robert Fownes
    1. Fones, Elizabeth
      1. Feake, Sarah
      2. Feake, Robert
      3. Feake, Elizabeth
      4. Feake, Tobias
      5. Feake, Hannah
      6. Feake, John