Captain Underhill, Abraham

Birth Name Captain Underhill, Abraham [1a]
Also Known As Captain Underhill, Abram [2]
Gramps ID I0070
Gender male
Age at Death 66 years, 5 months, 7 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0310] 1730-02-19   Birth of Underhill, Abraham

[1b] [2]
Residence [E3063] from 1770 to 1785 USA, Vermont, Bennington, Dorset Residence of Underhill, Abraham family

Event Note

Of the original grantees of 1761, William Lemmon is the only one known to have actually settled in Dorset. The others sold their rights to men from Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York. As Dorset's very first settler (1768), Felix Powel received fifty free acres of land. Joining Powel were Isaac Lacey, Benjamin Baldwin, Abraham Underhill, John Manley, Jr. and George Page. Four more Baldwins, another Manley (Deacon John, Sr.,) and four Farwell brothers arrived the next year. Other early families included Armstrong, Bloomer, Curtis, Gray, Kent, Paddock and Sykes. These family names are still traceable here today, many of their forebears at rest in Maple Hill Cemetery.

[3] [4a]
Military Service [E3055] 1775   Military Service, Revolutionary War, Vermont Militia

Event Note

Rev. War Captain, VT. Militia

Military Service [E3253] 1779-02-13 USA, Vermont Military Underhill, Abraham Pay Roll

Occupation [E3059]   USA, Vermont, Bennington, Dorset Occupation, Inn Keeper

Occupation [E3056]     Occupation, Legislature Vermont

Death [E0311] 1796-07-26   Death of Underhill, Abraham

[1c] [2]
Burial [E3077] 1795 USA, Vermont, Bennington, Dorset, Maple Hill Cemetery Burial of Underhill, Abraham



Father Underhill, William M. [I0080]
Mother Bayley, Mary [I0081]
  1. Underhill, Philema [I1894]
  2. Underhill, Philina [I1098]
  3. Underhill, Augustine [I1099]
  4. Underhill, John [I1100]
  5. Underhill, William [I1101]
  6. Underhill, Hannah [I1895]
  7. Underhill, Sarah [I1896]


Married Wife Paddock, Mercy [I0071]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E4879] 1759   Marriage of Underhill, Abraham and Paddock, Mercy

[1c] [2]
  1. Underhill, Isaac [I0072]
  2. Underhill, James [I0073]
  3. Underhill, David [I0074]
  4. Underhill, Phebe [I0075]
  5. Underhill, Reuben [I0079]
  6. Underhill, William [I0076]
  7. Underhill, Abraham [I0077]
  8. Underhill, Mercy [I0078]
  9. Underhill, Nathan [I0057]


Date Street City County State/ Province Country Postal Code Phone Sources
  Vermont, Dorset             [1d]



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Narrative - Underhill, Abraham and Paddock, Mercy family. (Lisa and Niki's great great great great grand parents)

Abraham was born on February 19, 11730 to William Underhill and Mary Bayley. Mercy was born 1734 in Harwick, Barnstable, Massachusetts to David Paddock and Mary Parker Foster

1750s: They were married in 1759. Isaac was born the same year. 1760's: James was born in 1761. David in 1765, then Phebe in 1767.

1770's: Moved to Dorset, Bennington, Vermont where he was an innkeeper. William was born in 1770. Abraham in 1773. Mercy in 1774. Abraham served as Captain in the Revolutionary War. Nathan in Dorset January 2, 1778.

1780's: Reuben's birth date is unknown.

1790's: In 1791 James married Love Sykes. In 1792 David married Mary Osborn. Mercy died at about the age of 20 in 1794. Captain Abraham Underhill died July 26, 1796, burial in Dorset. William married Mercy Mead in 1796. Abraham married Mary Harmon in 1798.

1800"s: Nathan married Lucinda Strong, January 16, 1800 in Pawlet Vermont. 1810's: In 1810 Mercy died.

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  1. Underhill, William M.
    1. Bayley, Mary
      1. Captain Underhill, Abraham
        1. Paddock, Mercy
          1. Underhill, Isaac
          2. Underhill, James
          3. Underhill, David
          4. Underhill, Phebe
          5. Underhill, William
          6. Underhill, Abraham
          7. Underhill, Mercy
          8. Underhill, Nathan
          9. Underhill, Reuben
      2. Underhill, Philina
      3. Underhill, Augustine
      4. Underhill, John
      5. Underhill, William
      6. Underhill, Philema
      7. Underhill, Hannah
      8. Underhill, Sarah