Barbknecht, Karl Freidrich

Birth Name Barbknecht, Karl Freidrich [1]
Gramps ID I1443
Gender male
Age at Death 14 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E4636] 1867-12-29 Germany, Posen, Lobsens, Blugowo Birth of Barbknecht, Karl Freidrich

Event Note

Last Review: 2010-3Q

Christening [E3527] 1868-01-12 Germany, Posen, Lobsens, Blugowo Christening of Barbkneht, Karl F.

Death [E4637] 1868-01-12 Germany, Posen, Lobsens, Blugowo Death of Barbknecht, Karl Freidrich



Father Barbknecht, Eduard Rudolf [I0805]
Mother Drews, Wilhemine Albertina [I0917]
  1. Barbknecht, Augusta Ottilie [I0784]
  2. Barbknecht, August Edward Wilson [I0783]
  3. Barbknecht, Albert Gustav [I0212]


Generation: FMF X - S: 03: DL-2


Narrative - Barbknecht, Eduard Rudolf and Drews, Wilhemine Albertina family

Eduard Rudolf Barbknecht, born March 3, 1844 1818 in Buntowo Prussia. Father and mother unknown. Wilhemine Albertina Drews, born October 8, 1838 in Wonzow, Pommerin, Prussia. Father unknown, mother unknown,

1860s: Marriage: Nothing is known, except that they were probably married before 1864. Augusta Ottilie was born May 5, 1864. Karl Freidrich was born December 12, 1867. Karl was christened and died 2 weeks latter on January 12.

1870s: August Edward Wilson was born November 23, 1870. Albert Gustav was born July 28, 1878 in Blugowo Germany. Died the same day.

1880s: Augusta married Wilhelm Friedrich Bongies June 22, 1883 in Germany. The family lived in Flederborn, Pommern before leaving to immigrate to the United States. Flederborn is a very small town which population in 2010 is 350. The Polish name is Podgaje, in Greater Poland Voivodeship. They left Hamburg Germany on May 2, 1885 on the ship Bohemia. Arriving in New York on May 18, 1885.

1890s: In 1895 the family was living in Minnesota, Chippewa Co., Crate Twp. as farmers. August became a naturalized citizen in 1997.

1900s: The family was living in Raymond, Kandiyohi Co.,, Minnesota in June of 1905. Edward and August were working as laborers. Albert and Minnie were living with the family and working as an engineer. Albert married Wilhelmine (Minnie) Anna Wegner on November 25, 1905 at Saint John's Lutheran Church in Raymond. Edward died June 28, 1907 at the age of ?? in Raymond. He was was buried in Saint John's Cemetery.

1910s: April 1910 census shows Wilhemine living with her son August in Raymond Minnesota. She has her language listed as Gelueau(?). He was working as a teamster, day laborer with team. August married Martha Herman December 19, 1913. Wilhemine died January 25, 1914 in Elyria.

Research Notes:

Albert married Wilhelmine (Minnie) Anna Wegner on November 25, 1905. June 1905 census they were living together. She is listed as wife. Do I have the marriage date wrong?


Last Review: 2011-4Q

Source References

  1. Family Tree; Bongs / Barbknecht Ancestors of Debra Ellen Bongs [S0321]


  1. Barbknecht, Eduard Rudolf
    1. Drews, Wilhemine Albertina
      1. Barbknecht, Augusta Ottilie
      2. Barbknecht, Karl Freidrich
      3. Barbknecht, August Edward Wilson
      4. Barbknecht, Albert Gustav