Stearns, David Johnson

Birth Name Stearns, David Johnson
Gramps ID I1401
Gender male
Age at Death 90 years, 1 month, 1 day


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E4548] 1793-08-24 USA, Vermont, Windham, Dover Birth of Stearns, David Johnson

Death [E4549] 1883-09-25 USA, Ohio, Cuyahoga Co., Olmsted Township Death of Stearns, David Johnson



Father Stearns, Elijeh [I1407]
Mother Johnson, Lucretia [I1413]
  1. Stearns, Anson [I1414]
  2. Stearns, Alvah [I1415]
  3. Stearns, Vespasion [I1416]
  4. Stearns, Elliot [I1417]
  5. Stearns, Elijah [I1418]
  6. Stearns, boy child [I1419]
  7. Stearns, Asaph Graves Rice [I1420]
  8. Stearns, boy child [I1421]


Married Wife Barnum, Mary [I1402]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E4874] 1819-02-19 USA, Ohio Marriage of Stearns, David Johnson and Barnum, Polly

  1. Stearns, Sydnet [I1408]
  2. Stearns, Herman [I1410]
  3. Stearns, Hiram [I1411]
  4. Stearns, David Johnson [I1412]
  5. Stearns, Buel [I1403]
  6. Stearns, Willard [I1404]
  7. Stearns, Lucy Jane [I0053]
  8. Stearns, M. Mathilda [I1409]


Generation: FFF MMF : 06: DL-1


  1. Stearns, Elijeh
    1. Johnson, Lucretia
      1. Stearns, David Johnson
        1. Barnum, Mary
          1. Stearns, Lucy Jane
          2. Stearns, Buel
          3. Stearns, Willard
          4. Stearns, Sydnet
          5. Stearns, M. Mathilda
          6. Stearns, Herman
          7. Stearns, Hiram
          8. Stearns, David Johnson
      2. Stearns, Anson
      3. Stearns, Alvah
      4. Stearns, Vespasion
      5. Stearns, Elliot
      6. Stearns, Elijah
      7. Stearns, boy child
      8. Stearns, Asaph Graves Rice
      9. Stearns, boy child