Barbknecht, Carl

Birth Name Barbknecht, Carl
Gramps ID I1906
Gender male
Age at Death about 11 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E3283] about 1909 USA, Minnesota Birth of Barbknecht, Carl

Census [E3282] 1920-01-06 USA, Ohio, Lorain Co., Elyria Township, Abby Road Census Barbknecht, August Edward Wilson family 1920

Death [E3292] calculated from 1920-01-00 to 2010-01-00   Death of Barbknecht, Carl



Father Barbknecht, August Edward Wilson [I0783]
Mother Herman, Martha Hulda Victoria [I1444]
  1. Barbknecht, Anna A. [I0809]



Generation: FMF X - SS: 02: DL-3


Last Review: 2011-4Q


Narrative - Barbknecht, August Edward Wilson and Herman, Martha Hulda Victoria family

August Edward Wilson Barbknecht, born November 23, 1870 in Germany. Father Eduard Rudoff Barbknechtand mother Wilhemine Albertina Drews. Martha Hulda Victoria Herman, born about 1890 in Minnesota. Father ?, mother ?,

1910s: Carl was born about 1909. Marriage: December 19, 1913 in Raymond Minnesota. Anna was born in March 1915. Edward was born in December 1918.

1920s: In the January 1920 census the family was living on Abbey Road in Elyria next to Albert (August's brother) and Minnie Barbknecht. August's ocupation was a farmer, working on a general farm.

1930s: August died in Ohio on September 21, 1935 at the age of 64. He is buried in South Murray Ridge Cemetery. Anna married Bill Thompson, but no idea of the date. Research Notes: Carls birth from census is 1909, but married 1913. Check out. Need to check out South Murray Ridge Cemetery for Martha's death. No trace of carl after the 1920 census.

Source References

  1. Census; USA, Ohio, Lorain Co., Elyria Township 1920, 35 [S0030]


  1. Barbknecht, August Edward Wilson
    1. Herman, Martha Hulda Victoria
      1. Barbknecht, Carl
      2. Barbknecht, Anna A.