Underhill, Phebe

Birth Name Underhill, Phebe [1a]
Gramps ID I0060
Gender female
Age at Death 53 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0273] 1802   Birth of Underhill, Phebe

Death [E0274] 1855   Death of Underhill, Phebe



Father Underhill, Nathan [I0057]
Mother Strong, Lucinda [I0058]
  1. Underhill, Maria [I0059]
  2. Underhill, William Tartless [I0164]
  3. Underhill, Royal S. [I0062]
  4. Underhill, Abraham Strong [I0063]
  5. Underhill, Return Meigs [I0064]
  6. Underhill, Delight [I0065]
  7. Underhill, Lemira [I0066]
  8. Underhill, Nathan Harmon [I0067]
  9. Underhill, George Clarke [I0068]
  10. Underhill, Mercy L. [I0069]
  11. Underhill, Charles Le Fevre [I0052]


Married Husband Adams, Ransom [I1114]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E4881] 1837   Marriage of Adams, Ransom and Underhill, Phebe

Event Note

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Narrative - Underhill, Nathan and Strong, Lucinda family. (Lisa and Niki's great great great great grand parents)

Nathan was born in Vermont in 1778 to Abraham Underhill and Mercy Paddock. Lucinda was born in Pawlet, Rutland Co. Vermont on February 2, 1780 to Return Strong and Hannah Harman.

1800's: They were married in Pawlet, Rutland Co. Vermont on January 16, 1800 and lived in Dorset. The same year that they were married, Maria was born. Phebe was born two years later in 1802, then William Tartless on June 6, 1804, Royal S. in 1806 but died in 1808, Abraham Strong in 1809.

1810's: Return Meigs born in 1810. Delight in Vermont, 1813, Lemira in 1815, Nathan Harmon in Dorset, Vermont on September 9, 1817, George Clarke in 1819.

1820's: On the 1820 census, Nathan was living in Dorset, Vermont. The whole family is numbered on the census, except only one female 16 and under 26. So either Maria or Phebe is missing, maybe married. Then the last two of twelve children were born, Mercy in 1822 and Charles Le Fevre on June 1, 1825, Vermont (the great great great grand father). The family moved from Vermont to Strongsville Ohio between 1825 and 1829. There were a number of Strong families that had settled in Strongsville. Mercy died at the age of seven on April 12,1829. She was buried in the Strongville Cemetery. Her name is spelled Marcy L. on the tombstone.

1830's: In the 1830 the family was living in Strongsville. It was during the 1830's that the family moved to Ridge Ohio.

1840's: The 1840 census shows the family living in Ridge Ohio. The only child left at home was Charles. William is listed next on the census role, probably living next door.

1850's: The 1850 census shows Nathan and Lucinda living in Ridgeville Ohio. He was farming and had a real estate value of $1,200. Also living in Ridgeville at the time were children Nathan H., Nathan died on September 24, 1851 in Ridgeville. Lucinda died on January 4, 1857 in Ridgeville. and was buried in Ridgeville's Field's Cemetery.


Generation: FFF MFX - D : 05: DL-3


Attribute/ Type Value Notes Sources
Social Security Number None

Relationship 05 - FFF MFX - D


Source References

  1. Book; Underhill Genealogy, Vol. V [S0167]
    1. Page: Page 138.


  1. Underhill, Nathan
    1. Strong, Lucinda
      1. Underhill, Maria
      2. Underhill, Phebe
        1. Adams, Ransom
      3. Underhill, William Tartless
      4. Underhill, Royal S.
      5. Underhill, Abraham Strong
      6. Underhill, Return Meigs
      7. Underhill, Delight
      8. Underhill, Lemira
      9. Underhill, Nathan Harmon
      10. Underhill, George Clarke
      11. Underhill, Mercy L.
      12. Underhill, Charles Le Fevre