Helwig, Matilda

Birth Name Helwig, Matilda [1]
Birth Name Damm, Matilda
Gramps ID I0636
Gender female
Age at Death about 16 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E5464] about 1885   Birth of Helwig, Matilda

Immigration [E5465] 1901-06-00 USA, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Immigration of Helwig, Matilda

Marriage [E5155]     Marriage of Krieger, ? and Helwig, Matilda

Death [E5509] estimated between 1901 and 1985   Death of Helwig, Matilda



Father Helwig, Edward I [I0635]
Mother Klinger, Minnie [I0668]
  1. Helwig, Edward Jr. [I0678]
  2. Helwig, Augusta [I0685]
  3. Helwig, Caroline [I0693]
  4. Helwig, August [I0647]
  5. Helwig, Adolph G. [I0030]
  6. Helwig, Otto [I0643]
  7. Helwig, Bertha [I0697]
  8. Helwig, Emelie [I0698]


Married Husband Krieger, ? [I0637]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5155]     Marriage of Krieger, ? and Helwig, Matilda

  1. Krieger, Henry [I0638]
  2. Krieger, Amelia [I0705]
  3. Krieger, Emma [I0639]
Married Husband Damm, ? [I0640]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5156]     Marriage of Damm, ? and Helwig, Matilda

Married Husband Prescott, William [I1687]
  1. Prescott, Pindenae [I1689]
  2. Prescott, William Jr. [I1688]



Narrative - Helwig, Edward Sr. & Klinger, Minnie family.

Birth: Edward Helwig born in Russia, Wolsche Buden (polish Makowiska) during the reign of Nicholas I of Russia, before February 18, 1855 (Julian). Parents are unknown. Minnie Klinger was born an estimated before 1859.

Marriage: Unknown date and location. Estimated before 1875.

1870s: Augusta was born 1875 Ruso, Russia, first of 9 children. Edward Jr. born in 1877. Caroline born in 1878.

1880's: August born February 19, 1885. Matilda about 1885. Adolph G. on August 24, 1887 in Wolsche Buden, Russia.

Otto was born on March 13, 1889.

1890's: Bertha was born between March 3, 1892 and March 2, 1993 in Rybit, Russia.

In 1896 the last child was born and the immigration of the family to the United States starts. Emelie, the last child, was born June 15, 1896.

Adolph, at the age of 17, was living in Bobrowniki, Russia. Lipno and Bobrowniki are just a couple of miles apart and are located on the Vistula River about 100 miles or 170 km northwest of Warsaw. He immigrated from to the United States. He left Bremen, Germany on the ship Hohenstauffen. Arriving in Baltimore, Maryland in June 1896. His destination was Chicago,Ill..

Augusta, at age of 22, was living in Niendna. She immigrated to the United States, leaving Bremen, Germany aboard Hunchen, arriving in Baltimore, Maryland on November 24, 1897. She had $7 and was destined for Philadelphia.

Caroline, at age 20, was living in Misegawa(?), Russia. She immigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Sept 28, 1898.

1900's: Caroline married Daniel Harke in 1901, probably in Philadelphia since their first born the same year was born in Pennsylvania. That same year August and Matilda immigrated to the United States.

Augusta married Adolph Ott in 1902.

August married Florantina Flemke in 1908.

In 1909 Bertha, age 16, was living in Rybit, Russia. She immigrated to the United States. Leaving Nieuw, Amsterdam on the ship Rotterdam, arriving in New York on March 23, 1909. Her destination was her brother Edward, living at 185 1/2 Majden, Philadelphia.


Research - Helwig, Edward Sr. & Klinger, Minnie family.

Edward Sr.: Czar Nickolas was the Emperor of Russia from 1825 until 2 March [O.S. 18 February] 1855. The birth location is noted as "Born in Poland under the rule of Czar Nickolas, Town of Volika Badea, Europe." Note from Daryl Helwig: I sent you reference to Wolschebuden which was another name for Makowiska. I suspected this was the root of the words Volska Budea and Volakesbaden. I just stumbled on these post that mention Wolsche Buden, near Lipno.

Note son Adolph was born in Volskabu(den), border of Germany and Russia.

Caroline: Spelling may be Karoline


Attribute/ Type Value Notes Sources
Social Security Number Need birth or death.

Relationship 03 - MFF X - D


Source References

  1. Family Group; Helwig, Edward 1st [S0159]


  1. Helwig, Edward I
    1. Klinger, Minnie
      1. Helwig, Augusta
      2. Helwig, Edward Jr.
      3. Helwig, Caroline
      4. Helwig, August
      5. Helwig, Matilda
        1. Krieger, ?
          1. Krieger, Henry
          2. Krieger, Emma
          3. Krieger, Amelia
        2. Damm, ?
        3. Prescott, William
          1. Prescott, William Jr.
          2. Prescott, Pindenae
      6. Helwig, Adolph G.
      7. Helwig, Otto
      8. Helwig, Bertha
      9. Helwig, Emelie