Bongs, Ann Augusta

Birth Name Bongs, Ann Augusta [1a]
Gramps ID I0914
Gender female
Age at Death 57 years, 2 months, 21 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E2914] 1889-01-03 USA, Minnesota, Chippewa Co., Crate Twp. Birth of Bongs, Ann Augusta

Event Note

Last Review: 2010-3Q

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Census [E0163] 1895-04-11 USA, Minnesota, Chippewa Co., Crate Twp. Census Bongs, Wilhelm family 1895

Confirmation [E3500] 1901 USA, Minnesota, Kandiyohi Co., Edwards Twp., Raymond Confirmation of Bongs Anna A,

Census [E0184] 1905-06-15 USA, Minnesota, Chippewa Co., Woods Township Census Bongs, Wilhelm family 1905

Marriage [E3497] between 1905 and 1910 USA, Ohio, Lorain Co., Elyria Marriage of Stoll, Arthur to Bongs, Anna

Residence [E3501] 1930 USA, Ohio, Lorain Co., Carlisle Township Residence of Stoll, Arthur family. 1930

Death [E2915] 1946-03-24 USA, Ohio, Lorain Co., Elyria Death of Bongs, Ann Augusta

Burial [E2916] 1946-03-26 USA, Ohio, Lorain Co., Elyria, South Murray Ridge Cemetery Burial of Bongs, Ann Augusta



Father Bongies, Wilhelm Friedrich Eduard [I0785]
Mother Barbknecht, Augusta Ottilie [I0784]
  1. Bongs, Ida Emma [I0916]
  2. Bongs, Charles Emil [I0787]
  3. Bongs, Emma Augusta [I0806]
  4. Bongs, Wihelm Friedrick Edward [I1610]
  5. Bongs, Alma A. Ottilie [I1669]
  6. Bongs, Edward Albert Rudolph [I0786]
  7. Bongs, Adda Marie [I1670]
  8. Bongs, Ellsie Ottilie [I0788]
  9. Bongs, Frederick Albert Emil [I0790]
  10. Bongs, baby girl [I1671]


Married Husband Stoll, Arthur H. [I1504]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3497] between 1905 and 1910 USA, Ohio, Lorain Co., Elyria Marriage of Stoll, Arthur to Bongs, Anna

  1. Stoll, Ernest Arthur [I1505]
  2. Stoll, Alfred Edward [I1506]
  3. Stoll, Irene Elsie [I1507]
  4. Stoll, Elsie Alma [I1516]



Generation: FMF X - DD: 02: DL-3


Last Review: 2011-2Q


Narrative - Bongies, Wilhelm Fredrich Eduard and Barbknecht, Augusta Ottilie

Wilhelm Fredrich Eduard Bongies, born November 22, 1862 in Buntowo Prussia. Father and mother unknown. Wilhemine Augusta Ottilie, born May 9, 1864 in Buntowo Prussia. Father was Eduard Rudolf Barbknecht, and mother was Wilhemine Albertina Drews.

1880s: Marriage: June 22, 1883 in Germany. Ida Emma Bongs was born August 10, 1883. Charles Emil Bongs was born October 28 1886 in Ohio. Family was living in Joliet Illinois about March 1887, then moved to Minnesota about 1887, then to Woods township, Chippewa County in about 1888. Ann Augusta Bongs was born January 3, 1889 in Minnesota.

1890s: Emma Augusta Bongs was born December 12, 1890. in Minnesota. Wilhelm Friedrick Edward Bongs was born December 30, 1892. in Minnesota. Wilhelm became a citizen in 1894. Alma A. Ottilie Bongs was born September 14, 1896 in Minnesota. Edward Albert Rudolph bongs was born Febuary 5, 1899 in Minnesota.

1900s: Adda Marie Bongs was born Febuary 2, 1900 in Minnesota. Ellsie Ottilie Bongs was born july 16, 1901 in Minnesota. Ida married John Watkins on June 8, 1903 in Minneapolis. Meta Clara Bongs was born August 19, 1903 in Minnesota. Census taken June 15th 1905 showed the family living in Woods township, Chippewa County. Next door was Wilham and Birtha Wegner. Son Wilhelm was called Willy, Ann called Anna, Ellsie called Elsa, Meta called Methe. Wilhelm was a farmer. Frederick Albert Emil Bongs was born November 11, 1905. Anna married Arthur Stoll sometime between 1905 and 1910. Baby girl born 1908 and died March 8, 1908.

1910s: On the April 23 1910 census, Wilhelm was a farmer and used the name of William. Charly and William were listed as farm laborers. Emma married Frederick Lottman in Raymond on October 14, 1913. Edward was confirmed in Raymond on March 28, 1915. Ellsie was confirmed at St. John's Lutheran Church in Raymond in March 1917. Family was living in Elyria Ohio on October 3, 1917.

1920s: In the census of January 1920, the family was living on County House Road Banks Road in Carlisle Township, Lorain County. William was working as a general farmer. Meta was confirmed in Elyria on March 31. Augusta died June 28, 1925 at the age of 61 in Lorain County. She is buried in South Murray ridge Cemetery. Frederick married Anna Lottman in Elyria on September 26.



1950s: Wilhelm died April 13, 1952 at the age of 89 in Elyria. He is bured in South Murray Ridge Cemetery.

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  1. Bongies, Wilhelm Friedrich Eduard
    1. Barbknecht, Augusta Ottilie
      1. Bongs, Ida Emma
      2. Bongs, Charles Emil
      3. Bongs, Ann Augusta
        1. Stoll, Arthur H.
          1. Stoll, Ernest Arthur
          2. Stoll, Alfred Edward
          3. Stoll, Irene Elsie
          4. Stoll, Elsie Alma
      4. Bongs, Emma Augusta
      5. Bongs, Wihelm Friedrick Edward
      6. Bongs, Alma A. Ottilie
      7. Bongs, Edward Albert Rudolph
      8. Bongs, Adda Marie
      9. Bongs, Ellsie Ottilie
      10. Bongs, Frederick Albert Emil
      11. Bongs, baby girl